Moments so magical they deserve to be printed.

There is nothing like seeing your beautiful portraits printed, whether it is a stunning portrait hanging on your bedroom wall and every time you walk in and see it, it puts a smile on your face & takes you back to how you felt on that day. Or the feeling you get when each time you turn the page of your gorgeous album you are blown away by what you see & are reminded of the beautiful woman you are.

I am very passionate about printing. You deserve to have beautiful photos in print. How many times have you said I will print them out one day, or you have lost the USB and didn’t back it up so all was lost. How wonderful is it looking through old albums, the smell, the memories, the feeling you get. It’s priceless.

So as part of our pre consultation meeting, we discuss how we can make how you display your portraits customised & personal. We don’t have packages as such as we believe everyone has different needs & wants & I want your wall art displayed perfectly & correctly in the correct position at the correct size.

Your Investment

Your Boudoir Photographic Experience is $300.

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This includes:

  • 1 to 2 hour in studio Pre-Consultation coffee date
  • 1.5 to 2 hour Customised Boudoir Photography Session
  • Hair & Makeup including lashes
  • Light refreshments including bubbles of course!
  • A variety of props ie. Lace robes, fur jacket, masks, tiaras, shoes(sizes 7-9) BYO lingerie
  • high end realistic retouching on all photos
  • 1 to 1.5 hour Design Consultation
  • credit towards your Boudie Bank Account
  • Collection date of your beautiful products

*** please note- All prints and products are purchased separately at the Design Consultation.

All prints, albums and other products are purchased separately at the Design Consultation. We discuss the pricing of the products & payment plans available to you that will make you the happiest at your planning appointment. You don’t need to make any decisions on this day, as we are not going to know how many photos you will love, but it certainly helps me to plan your shoot as to whether you prefer Wall Art/ an album or digitals. All decision makers need to be present at the Design Consultation as all orders need to be placed on this day.

Let’s talk products and ways to display your beautiful portraits. I have sourced the most exquisite products from Italy, USA & Australia. I truly believe in providing gorgeous products for my gorgeous clients. So not only will you feel beautiful & special from your Photo session with me, you will have treasured printed archival portraits of yourself that will last a lifetime.

You “CAN” afford your Dream Shoot!!! I want you to have all the photos that you love & not compromise.

The fact is, a Boudoir Photography Shoot IS an investment. If you keep putting it off for one reason or another, because of cost, for example, you’ll end up never getting it done & will regret it. Trust me. I did this for years with travel too, until I found out we could pay it off! Don’t live for tomorrow. Live for NOW. Do this for YOU. Celebrate YOU now. This will be the experience that will change the way you think about yourself & the way you live your life. Your confidence will soar & you will be unstoppable.

For some women, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime luxury experience or it can be something you do once a year or once every 2 years. It really is something that all women deserve and should be able to access. I have been told that money is the number one reason that they avoid booking a session, so I am determined to help eliminate that hurdle!

The Boudie bank is quite literally the best way to start paying off your Dream Photo Album it allows you to EASILY start pre-paying toward your future boudoir session. How fantastic is that! A lot of ladies are booking well in advance so they have something to look forward to and can start prepaying either to have their deposit ready or to have it mostly paid off before they even have their shoot. We already have post-payment plans in place but we are so excited to have an even more flexible way of being able to have all the photos you love! Yay for The Boudie Bank Account. 

So why not start your very own BOUDIE BANK Account with Studio Sensuelle TODAY? All you need to do is Book your Session 3 months in advance. Contribute at least $500 towards your session & you will earn Bonus Boudie Dollars! That’s right I will contribute an extra amount that comes off your album purchase! It is quite literally a win-win situation. 

It is so easy!

You choose the amount & how often you pay into the Boudie Bank, I will give you a custom reference name for you to use each time you deposit an amount. You can even set up a recurring payment through your Bank. Then at your design consult, we add up your Boudie Dollars & we take it off your purchase amount! If you do have some more to pay, we can easily set you up with one of the “post payment plans” available. There are more details about those on this page.

SO what do you think? Are you ready to Book & start your Boudie Bank today? What are you waiting for! Your time is now! Let’s do this babe, Pre-pay & Slay.


It is so easy to have your Dream Shoot and prepay it.

So Let’s recap, here are 5 things to know about the Boudie Bank-

The Boudie Bank


  1. Book your Shoot Date. Once you have booked in your Boudoir Shoot let’s set up your unique reference name.
  2. You can start paying into the Boudie Bank Account as soon as you have booked your Boudoir Shoot & we have set up your reference name. You can start with any amount of money at any time. I do encourage you to try and pay at least $40-$50 a week or $80-$100, of course, it is entirely up to you & your outgoings at the time, the more you deposit the less you need to find for your ordering session. You can set up an automatic sweep from your end if you like, you are completely responsible for setting this up & for how much goes in.
  3. Please note all deposits are looked after in a separate account by Studio Sensuelle, if you cancel your shoot, a $250 administration fee will be non-refundable, we do this to encourage ladies to follow through, it will make you complete your goal of having your Dream Boudoir shoot! Everyone gets nervous and let’s face it, it would be weird if you didn’t, so there will literally be no excuses you will at least have a nice deposit.
  4. No setup fees, no dishonour fees, no set amount each fortnight. This is gold ladies, if you can’t put money in one week it doesn’t matter, no penalties apply to the Boudie Bank, it is entirely a voluntary way to get ahead of your payments before your Boudoir Shoot.
  5. The Boudie Bank truly is the easiest & the most stress free way to get all the photos you want & love sooner! This is a special experience where it can change your whole perspective on life & allow you to live the life of your dreams simply by seeing the most amazing photos of yourself.  Some ladies don’t even realise & they have practically paid for everything before their ordering session!

This is such a great way for you to squirrel away any extra cash into a purpose built fund just for you, it is added up at your Design Consultation day and voila! You will have a nice little amount to make your dream purchase. The Boudie Bank Account makes it affordable for absolutely everyone, and takes out any financial stress or guilt, what could be better than that?!

The POST Payment Plan Options


Spoil Yourself NOW Pay LATER with Payright!

Post Payment plans are also very popular now. It is easier than ever to do a Boudoir Shoot & to have your Dream Boudoir Album or Wall Art now. It is completely interest-free with only a small service fee built into the payments & is a fantastic way to purchase all the photos you love for yourself or a loved one.

All you need is to pop aside 20% deposit to pay on the day of your Design Consultation. ( The Boudie Bank would work really well here if you only have a short amount of time before your shoot) You must be an Australian Citizen and you must be employed. If you don’t think you will be approved we can get you onto Paysmart which is more like a Layby system.

Wall art by Studio Sensuelle

The Wall Art

Our gorgeous Wall Art is hand crafted in Australia. Customised just for you and designed for the perfect position in your room. For full customisation, measure or bring a photo of the wall where you will want to see your beautiful portraits daily. Seeing a beautiful photo of you on a daily basis does amzing things for your confidence! We can also design a collection of Wall Art specifically for your space, especially for you. Close your eyes, imagine yourself walking into your room and seeing a gorgeous, sexy photo of yourself up on the wall. A smile is now on your face I am certain… Now…where on your wall is it hanging? What does that portrait look like? What are you wearing? When you can see it and imagine it, it will become a reality!


All Wall Art is less 10% with any album or package.

Metal Wall Art

Our gorgeous slimline Metal Wall Art features five beautiful photos displayed horizontally across the wall or vertically for smaller spaces.

All Wall Art is less 10% with any album or package.

Studio Sensuelle Luxury Album

Luxury Albums

Our beautiful Italian handcrafted 8×8″ Luxury Albums come in both 20 or 30 page editions presented in gorgeous custom keepsake box. We have a stunning range of cover options for the 30 page edition, including linen, vinyl and genuine leather to suit any style home and taste. Extra pages are available to purchase. We design your most gorgeous album and then let you decide on the final album of your dreams.

Albums are the most beautiful way to display your Boudoir photos and it is the most value for money. You get so many of your beautiful photos displayed in an Album, that you won’t have to choose, you can have them all, it makes sense to display them in a keepsake album to look through often. It will be one of the most important things you own.

Boudoir Photography Sunshine Coast

Print Collections

Beautiful Fine Art Matted Prints featuring archival quality ink and cotton rag paper. Perfect for framing, displaying on an easel or displaying in a handcrafted keepsake box. We customise everything for you.

Studio Sensuelle Portrait Box

Portrait Box

Our stunning Portrait Boxes are fully customisable & handmade in Italy. They feature 10 to 20 of your favourite portraits, beautifully matted with either black or white archival mat board, with a finished size of 8×10″. This is truly the perfect gift for yourself or for your love on the day of the wedding or a cute present for your anniversary, birthday or Valentines Day!

Studio Sensuelle products

Digital USB

A gorgeous Rose Gold and Crystal USB is available with printable 6×4″ files. Only available with Album and Portrait Box purchases and only included with purchased printed photos. Luxury Albums of 30 pages or more or packages that include wall art, come with a Bonus gorgeous slideshow of  your beautiful photos to share with friends and family who can’t see your album, perfect to send to your loved one who works away.

*Digitals are available on request. (This is not the most cost effective or encouraged) $100 per photo

Peep Show Viewer

Say hello to the mysterious, private and sexy “Peep Show Viewer”. It is sooo cute and fun! The perfect gift for your partner on the day of your wedding. The viewer comes in various colours with its own little box. You can even have “I Love You” printed on it for no extra charge!

We choose seven of your favourite gorgeous, sexy photos to put on a slide so they can have their very own little private show. Most of my Brides purchase these for the wedding day and then the album is just for the newly married couple to look through together on their first night as Mr & Mrs or Mrs & Mrs.

A beautiful way to have gorgeous photos of your lingerie and your special items that no-one really sees at the wedding, including your garter, perfume, headpiece and veil. It really is a wonderful unique idea that your groom will love, it’s kind of a toy right.. and we all know that boys love their toys. hehe 😉

Available with any Album Purchase or Portrait Box of 10 or more portraits. NOT available on it’s own.

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