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Hey There Lovelies & Welcome to The Self Love Gifts For You Store!

My hope is for you to find something at The Self Love Gifts For You Store that will bring you joy or bring someone you love joy. All the products in the store have been hand chosen by me for you. The hand-poured soy Crystal Infused Candles have all had their crystals sprinkled by me & have been cleansed & charged. I have chosen specific crystals that I felt were most needed right now. All the Crystal Infused Candles have an explanation of how they can be beneficial spiritually & physically, so have a read & see which candle resonates with you both the scent & the crystals. I have already chosen the scent & the crystals for you. 🙂

We also have the most fabulous Massage Candles are available also. I have been trying to get my hands on this sort of thing for some time. You will not believe how gorgeous these smell & feel. Locally hand- poured with natural products, they are perfect for a nightly moisturising after the shower or a hand massage & a moisturise while in bed, of course, they are especially fabulous for some Sexy Time with your significant other.

Lastly, I just want to mention the fabulous LOVE YOURSELF SICK PENDANT. This is so special to me it's something I have envisioned for this empowered feminine figure from the moment I developed her. I wanted her to be a symbol of strength, self-love, empowerment & confidence. Being a woman has its moments & so I wanted this pendant that hangs close to your heart to be a reminder of your love & respect for yourself. I hope you can see how powerful she can be.

So please enjoy reading the crystal meanings & having a look around at all the things to encourage some self-care & "Self Love". I feel like there is something for everyone, from Bath Bombs to Candles to Lashes to Affirmation cards. I hope you find something wonderful. There are special prices for multiple items purchased of the same product & if you are a member of The For Eyes Only VIP group on Facebook you will receive a special 15% off your purpose for a limited time. You can join HERE!

Furthermore, this is The Self Love Gifts For YOU store so if you have any feedback, questions or if you have ideas you wish to share, send me a message or an email, I would love to hear from you.

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Much Love Jodie xx

Affirmation Oracle cards

Inner Goddess & Affirmation cards to set intentions & hear from the universe.

Signature Candles

A range of Self Love Candles infused with various meaningful crystals. What crystal do you need in your life right now?

Signature Jewellery & Other Things

Signature Fashion Jewellery promoting self-love & empowerment. Wear the unique symbol with pride & as a reminder that you are a strong, confident, empowered woman. Made in NYC I have sourced the very best quality plated jewellery so that we can have a unique piece of jewellery to be proud of. Fashionable & on-trend you will want one of these gorgeous pendants to wear in combination with your regular necklaces. This is not just for clients of Studio Sensuelle but all women.

I really hope you can see her femininity & empowered head held high & can feel the love that went into her. I always had a vision of her being a symbol of all the things above & I wanted something that could be worn by every girl, woman or anyone that needed reminding.

I hope you enjoy wearing your special pendant please tell your favourite people about it. Why not buy a couple extra for birthday presents. Buy 3 & only pay $29.95 each! such great savings.

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