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Mint & Mojito, Crystal Infused Candle with Amazonite Crystals

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A Gorgeous light aroma with a hint of mint & maybe a memory of that last Mojito. These candles are hand-poured soy wax hand sprinkled with energized Amazonite Crystals & Rose Gold Leaf.

Crystal Infused Candles truly help fill your home with beautiful vibes & welcoming smells. They are something you can create rituals with. Enjoy lighting your candle as you say something positive or chant your daily affirmation. Relax with your candle while having a bath, sipping a cuppa or reading a book. This is you time. 

The magical meaning of Amazonite Crystals

  • Amazonite is a stone that increases
  • Your confidence & self esteem.
  • It encourages self-discovery and the freedom to express your true thoughts and feelings.
  • It promotes the courage to set strong and clear boundaries for what you are willing to experience.
  • It promotes courage in defining your personal space
  • Helps clear away negative thoughts 
  • gives you the balance to be yourself.
  • also gives balance to see both sides of an issue objectively to resolve your inner conflicts.

The color green represents growth, new life, renewal, spring, and balance while the more blue colors suggest calmness, clear thinking, creativity, inspiration, and self-sufficiency.

Rose gold leaf is just pretty so had to include it in my candles for you. ūüėė

When you receive your beautiful candle, can I suggest finding a quiet place to light your candle, sit & make your intentions known, put your hand on your heart & say something meaningful and say it aloud, as a suggestion "I will love myself first, I am worthy & I am beautiful." This could be something you say each time you light your candle. xx


Light your candle & leave alight until a full pool of wax reaches the edges of the jar, this could be up to 3 hours so make sure you are at home for this. Leaving it burn to the edges will allow each burn to be even and there will be no waste around the edges. Trim off the big bobbly bit before lighting again. Use a wick trimmer if available. Your crystals will sink, but their vibrations are still there. You will be in for a surprise you may have forgotten about.

How to recycle your candle jar & collect your crystals once your candle is done-

I want you to reuse your candle vessel & collect your crystals, once your candle is not able to be lit anymore, all you need to do is to fill the Jar with boiling water, leave for 5 mins, come back & you will see the wax floating & the crystals on the bottom. Remove the wax & your crystals & either pop the jar in the dishwater or wash out with washing detergent. You can now use your jar for a pen or makeup brush holder or put cleansing pads or cotton balls in there. You could even use it as a water plant holder. Of course, your crystals can now live in the bottom of your pen/makeup/plant holder or your purse, by your computer or anywhere you feel they might be beneficial to you spiritually.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Self Love Gift For You product.

Jodie xxx

All the warnings to Australian standards will be available on the bottom of each candle. Please read these warnings & please keep your candle in a safe place & snuff out before leaving the home or going to sleep.

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