Brisbane Boudoir: Belinda Love on a journey of Self Love!

Belinda Love getting ready for her Boudoir shoot with Studio Sensuelle

Brisbane Boudoir: Belinda Love on a journey of Self Love!

Brisbane Boudoir: Belinda Love on a journey of Self Love!

Belinda Love getting ready for her Boudoir shoot with Studio Sensuelle

Hey there, gorgeous souls! Just had a blast in the studio with the fabulous Belinda Love – yes, the same one from The Bachelor with Matty J! 🌹 Today was all about embracing the sexy, the silly, and everything in between during her Brisbane Boudoir session.

Our theme for the day? Exploring the five languages of love – Do you know what they are? See the diagram below. Discovering the 5 languages of love very important tools to research for any relationship, you can do a quiz and see what Love Language you resonate with, you may learn something about yourself.  On the day Belinda went from posing with a duster, talking on her phone, to getting Naked behind a gift bag lot’s of laughter transisioning into sultry poses, Belinda’s Boudoir experience was an epic adventure.

5 Languages of Love-Dr. Gary Chapman

5 languages of Love -gift gift giving at Studio Sensuelle, Brisbane Boudoir Studio Studio Sensuelle Brisbane Boudoir Studio Sensuelle- teddy bear hugs with Belinda Love


But before we got into the posing & the Boudoir adventure, Belinda enjoyed some pampering – beetroot latte & beautiful cupcakes, ready for hair and makeup. Because, let’s be real, every babe deserves to feel like a queen before a photoshoot! Pampering you at your Boudoir Shoot, is something I pride myself on, you will feel so special and will love every minute. One of my favourite things, is doing your Hair and makeup! I absolutely love seeing the transformation, I love your reaction & I love our interaction. You will feel relaxed & comfortable in no time.

As we chatted & I got all the goss, she sipped some bubbly, nibbled on treats, and relaxed to the chilled vibes of  Diana Krall radio on Spotify– the studio turned into a chill zone & with her feeling fabulous after her pamper & with putting on her first Lingerie set , we dived into her Brisbane Boudoir session. Oo la la, indeed!

We kicked off the shoot with the usual shenanigans – you know, those poses that make you go, “Wait, what? How can I can into that position? lol” Well, Belinda Love rocked them all – chin out, drop that shoulder, arch your back. Of course, I loved seeing Belinda transform throughout the shoot by becoming more comfortable and trusting me in what I was getting her to do.

Now, let me spill the tea on Belinda Love – Intuitive Relationship Expert & author of Breaking down the Breakup, & hostess of Air your Dirty Laundry! She was on the 2017 Batchelor with Matty J! I knew Belinda Love before she went onto The Batchelor with Matty J, so it was so exciting when I realised she was going to be on it!! She’s all about self-love, couples love, and navigating the dating game. Having known her since before her Bachelor days, capturing her vibrant spirit in our Brisbane Boudoir session was an absolute delight. Just look at her gorgeous smile!

Stay tuned for more Boudoir adventures. 💋📸 #BrisbaneBoudoir #SexyConfessions #StudioSensuelleMagic #studiosensuelle #loveyourselfsick #brisbaneboudoir

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