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Hey There Beautiful,

The number one reason for women wanting a Boudoir Shoot is to feel more confident in their own skin & to learn to accept themselves for who they are & the body they have. As women, we are continually comparing ourselves. We need to stop it & unlearn that exceptionally unhelpful habit.

I want to show you “Your Beautiful & Empowered side!” & I know I am the Brisbane Boudoir Photographer to help you with this.

Seeing yourself as your loved ones see you, will finally make you realise how valuable, important, and truly beautiful you are. You will love yourself & value yourself more through the experience of having a Boudoir Experience with Studio Sensuelle. I pride myself on being your expert Brisbane Boudoir Photographer.

This experience is not like any other photoshoot you have ever done before &  after taking this journey, I  hope you understand why I need to talk to you and meet you before your shoot and why it is important to join the Private Facebook Community. Most importantly after seeing the most beautiful photos of yourself …. I truly hope you can see how amazing you are, & believe in yourself.

My name is Jodie & I am an expert in Boudoir Photography and Makeup Artistry. My Brisbane Boudoir Studio is located in Greenbank about 45 min from the Brisbane CBD. The studio is designed to be a Luxury Boudoir Bedroom, it is absolutely gorgeous & not your typical studio. In fact, I affectionately call it my “LADY CAVE”. hehe

A little bit about me, although it’s hard to talk about yourself, hey? So here goes-

Your Brisbane Boudoir Photographer- Jodes

I love a glass of Champagne or two, I’m a dog person and love my family. I have been a photographer from an early age, & was obsessed with BW photography in High School. I didn’t shoot professionally until about 2005 (shit so that’s 17 years ago) when digital cameras finally arrived & I found it financially easier for me to start shooting again. I received my first digital camera as a gift & was away. I took some photos of  Agaves and rocks and framed them in my bathroom and was told they were beautiful and I should start selling them. So I did! Jodie Lea Creations was born.

Brisbane Boudoir Photographer starts out as a  photographer/buyer/designer of homewares for her own unique party plan business.

Jodie-lea Creations traded successfully from 2005-2008. I developed my own Homewares Party Plan business where I sold my own Wall art & homewares for homes including Candleholders & Photos of Frangipanis, Agaves, rocks, and natives I shot printed, produced, painted & designed everything myself with help from my husband back then. After having this business for 3 years & loading & unloading the car so many times, I started working full-time at a Prolab when the kids were around middle school age. I then started shooting weddings for well-known Brisbane Wedding photographers while I worked full time. I loved shooting weddings as it suited my “fly by the seat of my pants” personality. I met some of the most wonderful people while part of the Photography & prolab community and they are all still beautiful friends now. Then I started feeling a little disillusioned about where I was & that I didn’t feel fulfilled in what I was doing. I decided to start to take some lighting & photography workshops to increase my skills. It was at a lighting workshop that had nothing to do with Boudoir Photography, where I had my Lightbulb moment & it hit me as to what I was supposed to do with my life. THAT’S IT! I was going to be a Boudoir Photographer! I went home & said, “I know what I want to do!!” So I literally changed our house around, which may I add, is perfect now, & made our lounge into the studio. It is all at the front of the house along with my gorgeous Powder Room & Consultation Room. I feel like the studio is in the perfect spot & according to Feng Sui beliefs, it is in the relationship corner of our house, so this is just perfect. 🙂 I spent the first year building & writing my website myself, perfecting the experience, finding the perfect products & practicing my posing. I have had the studio coming on for 7 years now, & have been a photographer for 17 years. These last 7 years have been some of my most rewarding working years & some of the hardest. “If it was easy everyone would be doing it.. right?”

A supportive Family

My beautiful family are my biggest fans, I couldn’t have done what I have done or kept going without the support and encouragement of my beautiful girls. I have 2 wonderfully strong girls in their twenties. My girls are super supportive and have attended events where they have taken on the roles of mini-me lol. The ladies who have met them have taken a shine to them which is lovely. Their continued support of my crazy ideas, dreams, and passion keep me motivated & my clients let me know what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing.

More about me-

Are you into Star signs? I’m a Leo the Lion & anyone who knows me, knows I am fiercely loyal, passionate, positive, happy, a bit of a romantic, & they may say I’m funny. lol I try! My passion is to help all women realise how amazing, beautiful and valued they are. Inspiring women to feel empowered and proud by showing them how beautiful they are from the inside out with the most gorgeous photos they have ever seen of themselves is what I live for, I am empowered by empowered women. I believe that a photo will show if you are believing in yourself, so this is what I strive for always.

Your Brisbane Boudoir Photographer can transform your mindset after seeing your photos.

Seeing the transformation of my beautiful ladies through this experience makes my heart sing. From seeing themselves in the mirror after having their hair and makeup done to when they get a sneak peek from the back of my camera throughout the shoot. 🙂 That confidence boost is phenomenal & immediate!

Have you watched the behind-the-scenes video? I hope you loved it, if it has inspired you to have your very own experience with one of the best Brisbane Boudoir Photographers, please use the message bubble or use the contact form below for more information. I would love to hear from you, I will customise a shoot just for you.

Remember there is only one you! Accept and love yourself for what you believe in – your quirks, your curves or not so many curves, and the decisions you have made along the way because they have made you who you are today Babe. Another mantra is to flip your thoughts if shit is happening & to remember-

 Things happened FOR you not TO you.

Have a wonderful day.

Stay Fabulous.


Jodie Shanks Boudoir Photographer
In memory of Ruby Sparkles. :) You greeted our beautiful ladies with such excitement and love. You will be dearly missed beautiful girl. xoxo
In loving memory of Ruby Sparkles 🙂 You greeted our beautiful ladies with such excitement and love. You will be dearly missed beautiful girl xoxo
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