My Empowering Plus Size Boudoir Photography Experience with Studio Sensuelle

My Empowering Plus Size Boudoir Photography Experience with Studio Sensuelle


My Empowering Plus Size Boudoir Photography Experience with Studio Sensuelle

Feedback after having an Empowering Plus Size Boudoir Photography Experience from you is important

After you have been back to see your photos from your Empowering Plus Size Boudoir Photography Experience,  I send you a questionnaire, so that you can let me know how you felt about your experience with Studio Sensuelle. Getting your feedback gives me the opportunity to improve the experience or to hear any worries you may have or had leading up to or during your Boudoir Shoot. Thankfully all the questionnaires I have received back have been so positive & full of good feelings. Which just makes me so happy.

I really want to make sure your experience is luxurious, and empowering & that you feel comfortable at all times.

I hope by reading some of the answers you will comfortable enough to book in for your very own Boudoir Shoot or book in for a Phone-call consult with me. I would love to chat with you & talk about what happens at a Boudoir Shoot & how we can make it personalized for you. 🙂



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Thank you for filling in your questionnaire Amber

This is MISS A


What helped you decide to do a Boudoir Shoot? eg, a referral from a friend, the VIP Group:

Referred by a friend and being a member of the VIP group

How did you feel before your Boudoir Shoot?:

Really really nervous. I normally don’t like pictures being taken of me unless I’m the one taking them.

Empowering brisbane boudoir shoot


How are you feeling after your Boudoir Shoot? :

I feel like a confident beautiful queen

How would you describe your Boudoir Shoot?

The session was amazing! I had a lot of fun, and my cheeky side was captured beautifully and perfectly.

Did I provide enough information?:

Of course, you did!

Was the Boudoir Shoot different than what you expected? If so, how?:

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Except that, I knew I was going to have fun

Would you recommend Studio Sensuelle to your girlfriends?:

Yes, yes I have and am constantly

Would you do another Shoot?:


Do you have any advice for women wanting to have their own Boudoir Shoot??:

Do it. Trust me you won’t regret it.

What was your favourite part?:

“Tits to Jesus” “butt to Jesus”

Did Jodie make sure you were feeling comfortable at all times?:


Brisbane Boudoir Glamour


How did you feel after you saw your photos?:

I felt really really pretty. And then seeing it on the screen was just… WOW!

Did anything change about how you feel about yourself after your experience?:

I feel a little more confident now.

What makes you smile when you think about your Shoot?:

Thinking of some of the sass we managed to send through a picture. For example, the Blue Balls shot was hilarious

Do you have any ideas on how I could improve the experience?:

I honestly don’t. It was perfect for me



Plus Size Boudoir Photoshoot

It makes my heart sing to read these questionnaires, thank Miss A, you have made my day! xxx

See what else Amber has to say about her Plus Size Boudoir Experience-

If you had told me a year ago that I would be more confident, and comfortable in my own skin and remember that I was a Queen with gorgeous curves AND that I would love myself sick, I would have laughed my (really great looking) tooshie off at you.

Hello fellow Queens, my name is Amber and I’m a mum of one gorgeous cheeky little boy. I first was introduced to Jodie via a friend adding me to the For Your Eyes Only VIP Group. What my friend did was gently nudge me onto a path to gaining my confidence back.

I have had self-esteem issues for years, so looking at all these lovely beautiful women and thinking “If only”, I felt a considerable bit of envy at the confidence these women displayed. Then I started reading their stories, and realizing at one point or another they were at the same point I was, once upon a time.

And I decided because I was fast approaching my 25th birthday, that I wanted to immortalise the confidence I had hoped to gain. So I took a crazy chance on myself and bought a gift card for my shoot, which started the journey. I was only going to do it when I lost that extra 20kg. Then I realized, that no matter what I weigh or what I look like, I am still going to be me if I procrastinated I would never do it. Fast forward to November 13, 2020. My mother-in-law dropped me off to Jodie, and we began the process of me looking fabulous! It was the most fun I could ever remember having and I fought my anxiety about being in front of the camera when I was not taking the picture, and with Jodie’s help, I won! I nearly cried when I saw myself up on the screen, and for good reason. For the first time in my life, I was smoking HOT!!

The difference between me 12 months ago, and me now is huge! I’m still carrying that extra weight but I carry it with confidence. If I can do it, I know you can.

“Don’t wait for that extra 5kg to fall off, do it as soon as you can. You won’t regret it. Trust me”

Wow, well said Amber! You are certainly a Queen & deserve to feel confident in your own skin. Feeling confident really will change how people treat you also. Hold that head up high & feel amazing with who you are right now. Society over the years has just plain & simple decided how we should look & what is the acceptable “ideal size” for a woman, this is total crap, just look at the women portrayed throughout the centuries in art. All of the women are voluptuous, curvy, have rolls & dimples & are back then loved themselves sick because there was no conformity to conform to!

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Having your very own Boudoir Shoot is an important step & can be a huge step out of your comfort zone & I totally get that. This is why I encourage as many ladies to join my VIP FB Group to check out my Instagram or have a look at The Experience page on the website. Joining the VIP Group on Facebook will really give you an insight into my “Why” and is a way to get to know me in your own time, so you can book when you feel the time is right. There are so many ladies on there who have had a Boudoir Shoot with me & would be more than happy to chat to you about it. The group is very transparent, it is very empowering & a lot of fun, it will allow you to be included in a supportive community of women without judgment, and it is a place where you will feel all the love & support you deserve.

 I don’t want any surprises & want you to know that I’ve got you & understand that this is an important, wonderful experience of a lifetime.

An empowering plus size Boudoir Photography Experience with Studio Sensuelle, can & does change the way you feel about yourself!


It is quite literally one of the most empowering experiences a woman can do for her self-confidence & self-worth.

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Much Love Jodie xx


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