Mature Woman Glamour Photo Shoot

Mature Woman Glamour Photo Shoot

Mature Woman Glamour Photography

Vicki is a sassy, modern lady with so many beautiful qualities. She was coming in to help out her daughter-in-law with her Granddaughter and I said to her well if you are coming along wouldn’t it be nice to get some photos of you and your Granddaughter? Oh and when was the last time you had some gorgeous photos of yourself? Well she said, you know that would be so lovely, I would really enjoy that. So we did and she was Sassy and Sparkly!! What a beautiful Soul and you can see by her sparkly eyes it was exactly what she needed… Exactly what we all need… to feel beautiful, to feel empowered, to feel valued. I was hoping that if I could give someone who works hard and is forever thinking of others just a few hours of my time to show her how amazing she was… these feelings would last a lifetime. Especially when he sees her photos around her house, I can’t wait for her to have those giddy smiles when she walks past them as she goes about her daily routine.

Glamour Photography

It isn’t exactly like it used to be, and certainly, the experience I want for my ladies starts from the moment I first speak to them. I want my ladies to feel how important they are and that what they have achieved in their lives is valued by those who love them. The mature over 50 Glamour Photography is as individual as each beautiful woman who walks in. Every woman has an amazing story to tell. Every woman has their own style. Everyone woman has their own stories of Love and not so loved. But the most important thing I can think of is, that when we get to this age, is that we love ourselves and accept our imperfections, accept our funny little habits, and say hey I am Ok with that, It’s time to own it, be kind to ourselves and love who we have become.

I absolutely loved Photographing Vicki. She is such a beautiful human!

This what Vicki posted in Facebook for me, thank you Vicki it means so much! Mmmwwwa Jodie xoxo

“Wow I can’t believe this is me Vicki Drakeford . They are just amazing and will cherish my photos for the rest of my life.”

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