The Empowered Woman

The Empowered Woman

So Miss B arrived after having her hair and makeup done at Alyssa’s Hair and Makeup Room, she was feeling nervous, freaked out and a little worried, so we sat down on the bed, had a wine and sorted through the selection of clothing and lingerie she had brought with her, she started to get excited and so we chose her first outfit! Her husbands Army shirt that she sneaked out of the house, almost getting caught. So we took some beautiful photos on the bed, we took some sitting by the window, she looked stunning! Starting to relax, we changed outfits and she really started to transform, it was like watching a butterfly grow its beautiful wings. I loved seeing this happen, she was feeling amazing and relaxed in front of the camera. 🙂 This really does make my heart sing, I love the transformation that happens right there in the studio, BEFORE a photo has even been seen. And then when we have the cinematic presentation of photos, it is so special, so rewarding and so empowering. Bec could not believe this was her! She love, love, loved her photos. She surprised her hubby with a beautiful portrait and album collection, presented in a gun metal grey shiny linen display box with Rose Gold embossing. I think just quietly though it is mostly for her. 😉

Stay Fabulous.


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