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Moisturising Soy Candle

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Yes, this is a candle you can use on your body like moisturiser!!

Pour straight from the jar into your hands or just dip her fingers in after you distinguish the flame.

The wax is warm NOT hot!!

Three very special Fabulous Locally Made Soy-based Mpisturising Massage candles- Massage therapists love these, the scent, the warm velvety texture & the fact is does not leave a greasy residue afterward makes this their number one go to massage candle.


"Love Yourself Sick"-

Available in the white and rose gold jar or the Black and gold jar both with a lid. My very first and very special Signature Massage Candle, chosen especially for you so that you can "Love Yourself Sick"! This is the most sweet-smelling candle I have ever smelt. it will instantly become one of your favourites.

Pop the Bubbly! You will love indulging the senses with this delicious, nectarous fruit platter of exotic fruits & pink Prosecco. Close your eyes to smell the subtle notes of the oriental Jasmine mixed with the fruit wafting through the air creating a beautifully feminine vibe. I hope you are ready to enjoy this fizzy, sweet luscious candle for either the aroma or to enjoy as a warm moisturising massage. See below for all the essential oils that make this amazing scent.

Take me I'm Yours-

Available in the white and rose gold jar or the Black and gold jar both with a lid. This scent has been described as soooo luxurious straight out of the shower, freshly shaven, a masculine aftershave scent, ready for action, "take me I'm yours" feels. Think 50 shades, think aftershave , earthy & masculine. This beautiful warm aromatic moisturising massage oil will be a delightful indulgence for yourself or with your significant other. See below for all the essential oils that make this amazing scent.

"Cocktails & Dreams"- Enjoy tropical beachy feels your room will be filled with the wonderful familiar scent of coconuts, dragonfruit & lime or you could say it's "Pina Colada" time. It seems to be a favourite scent for the men. Good to know right? You will love having the gorgeous white & rose gold massage candle with the rose gold label displayed by your bedside, ready to enjoy the aroma or enjoy a sensual massage. See below for all the essential oils that make this amazing scent.

How to use your sensual massage candle-

When you first light your massage candle, try and allow approx 2 hours for the wax to pool evenly to the edge of the jar, after this first burn you can simply light your candle an hour before "bedtime" to allow the aroma to fill your room. Then snuff your candle and enjoy the beautiful soft, “warm” NOT hot, massage experience. You can either try dipping your fingers into the pool of warm wax or drizzle over any part of the body, yours or your significant others. Each night for some self-love, after you blow your candle out, you can just dip your fingers in & give yourself a hand &/or chest massage each night before bed. After you are finished your massage & it's time for bed, simply pop the lid back on to keep the dust off. Also fabulous straight after a bath or shower. Enjoy this tropical, coconutty cocktail scent I have chosen just for you.

Material: Hand-poured, locally made with Soy wax, oils & butter

Color: white

Love Yourself Sick-

Scent- Pink Prosecco & Elderflower

Top notes: pink grapefruit, Bergamont and lemon

Middle notes: guava, passionfruit and pink Prosecco

Base notes: vanilla, elderflower and Oriental jasmine

Take Me I'm Yours-

Top notes: Bergamot, Lime

Middle Notes: Olive Leaf, Lemon Thyme

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Rose

Cocktails & Dreams-

Scent- Coconut & Lime

Top notes: Antillies lime, lemon palm, freesia, white bergamot

Middle notes: coconut water, sugarcane, dragonfruit

Base notes: Vetiver, bourbon vanilla

Jar colour- white with rose gold inside comes with a lid to cover while not in use

NOW AVAILABLE in a Black Jar with Gold inside complete with a Black lid.

**Don't throw your jar out once it has been used simply fill the jar with boiling water & watch as the wax rises to the top for you to remove easily. Clean the jar out with warm soapy water & you now have a gorgeous little jar to keep your treasures in, cotton wool balls, tea bags or coffee, whatever you can think of. 🙂

*Please see the bottom of your candle for warnings in accordance with Australian Standards.

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