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Fine Art Nude Scapes will show off your body in a way like no other.



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The Nudescapes

Boudie Call for 2021

Black & white Nude-scape



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Thank you so much for applying!

We are going to have so much fun, and you are going to be helping me out so much! Running Boudie Calls benefits us both, you will truly see your worth and beauty by doing a Boudoir Shoot, you get amazing discounts with a Boudie Call & you get to try something you may never have thought to try. I get to practice shooting with different lighting set ups, different themes & different body shapes & get to share all of these photos.

So together we get to show how diverse & fun a Boudoir Shoot can be. You will LOVE the whole experience I have put together for you! You won’t miss out on any of the normal session pampering, in fact, YOU GET MORE!


Black & white images 

Black & white Nude-scape

We are going to have so much fun!

To be successful, once your application is approved, you will need to be booked and paid for online within 48 hours.

You must be willing to include The Nudescapes Set as part of your session, & your session will include 3 outfit changes including the Boudie Call Theme & of course you must be willing to share your photos unconditionally. This means on my website, in marketing campaigns, on the group, on all social media platforms. Obviously, any nude photos won’t be shared on social media. We can discuss further the use of tasteful nudes on my website. As you can see the “rude bits” are mostly in shadow.

If you decide after seeing your photos that you do not want them shown or used, that is completely ok, but you will be charged the full price for your session.(usually $199 if you are part of the group) I will still be very grateful for allowing me to practice in the studio with you.

Only a limited amount of Boudie Call applicants will be approved at this incredible price so please be sure about being able to share your photos & being available for your chosen Boudoir Shoot date.

Studio Sensuelle Black & white fine art nude photography

Requirements to be considered when applying for the Latest Boudie Call.

  • You must be 20+ years old to apply for this Boudie Call. (studio policy).
  • Your shoot will take place in the Home Studio in Greenbank.
  • You agree to attend a Planning Session before your shoot
  • You must have your own Lingerie, I have some theme-specific props, but bring any props you would love to show off in your shoot.
  • willing to pose naked
  • There will be a $99 session fee due when you book online.
  • You are willing to share your photos

Your session will include all the normal session luxuries:

  • In-studio planning appointment
  • Fully guided Boudoir photoshoot
  • Props included for Boudie Call themes
  •  Hair & Makeup
  • A glass of Bubbles or 2 & Light refreshments
  • Your Cinematic Design Consultation approx one week after your shoot where the ordering takes place & payment is made
  • Fully edited photos
  • The experience of being a model for the day with full posing guidance.
  • BONUS APP for your phone with the packages where it is not included! (save $399)
  • Welcome Prep guide. (receive the link straight away when you book online!)

Info about pricing & payment plans:

I want you to love all of your photos that I show you & I want to share them! This is why we have such an amazing special on the Session fee, MORE THAN HALF PRICE!! I have payment plans & The Boudie Bank which is our popular pre-payment option available for you too. You will have gained an abundance of confidence so why would you not want some photos to show off!!  I will put together something truly special for you & you will be absolutely blown away. We can talk all about your options over the phone once we meet for your planning session. The minimum spend is $1650 for 10 digital images or wall art from the same price.


The next steps…

Fill in the application on this page. From here I will be in contact with the successful applicants as soon as I can. If you are accepted, you will receive an email containing a link to the booking portal – this is where you will select your date & time, pay the $99 session fee & sign a contract. You will have 48 hours to do so. When you have booked there will be a link to access your Welcome Guide to help you prepare for your session. We will then organise a time for you to come into the studio & have a cuppa to discuss this exciting session. 🙂 eeeepppp

Are you excited!!!

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Good Luck Gorgeous ♥ How Exciting!

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