Full Moon Tonight, Time to Cleanse your Crystals

Full Moon Tonight, Time to Cleanse your Crystals

Let’s Cleanse & Energise our Crystals in 4 easy steps

Happy Full Moon everyone.I have been waiting for this as I feel it is a very good time to be cleansing your crystals at the beginning of the year, asking the universe for guidance and to basically just try not to go too cray cray under the Full Moon tonight!! Ha haFor all my beautiful clients who have their Rose Quartz love heart from me, you can follow these 4 steps below to charge your Crystal with Self Value and Self Love energy.Get those crystals washed & charge those positive vibes, ask the Universe to help you with what you need right now.Have fun, I would love to know what crystals you have & how you did your ritual. 🙂

4 Easy Steps to Recharging and cleansing your Crystals.

  • Start by gathering your crystals and giving them a rinse under the tap, giving them a bath or if you live by the ocean take them down to the beach late this afternoon and rinse them in the waves under the moon itself!! That sounds lovely. 🙂
  • Next, take them out early in the evening and place on the ground, preferably the actual ground if you can, if you can’t find a safe place on the actual ground, place them on a timber window sill or wooden plate, as long as the moonlight is able to reach them.
  • Now it’s time to give thanks to the universe, and charge your crystals with your intentions or goals while placing your crystals in the moonlight. You can either say these aloud or write them on a piece of paper and place them with your crystals.The Universe will only know what you need when you ask, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to use your words and put it out there.
  • Leave the crystals there over night, or as long as possible if it is not safe to do so. Your crystals will be cleansed and energised ready to guide you to your chosen goal and or needs.

A little more information on Crystals

Like us Crystals are effected by negative and positive influences. They are absorbers of energy as well as transmit frequencies. Crystals can even be programmed for specific healing purposes. I have seen at markets where they do this for their customers with specific healing properties just for them. SO crystals like us need to re-tune, rejuvenate themselves back to their essential, pure frequency every now and then. Leaving your crystals out to receive full exposure to Full Moon Light-energy enables them to do this. We can do this ourselves by meditation, by reading a book, by practicing yoga or just by doing something that allows you to just BE.

My favourite crystals are:

Rose Quartz for Self Love and Self Value. It allows you to feel forgiveness and understanding for yourself. It calms emotions and eases emotional trauma. Hold it close to your heart or wear it inside your bra when you need extra guidance.

Citrine- There are so many positive attributes of the Citrine stone, including abundance, happiness, productivity and is really helpful in times of depression or if you have phobias. Citrine acts as a powerful attractor of love and happiness. They will cleanse, energise, and warm your aura. They will help you think more clearly so that you will make the right decision.

What are your favourite crystals? Next time you are at a market and you can see crystals on a table, head over and see if one picks you. 🙂

I hope you enjoy yourself tonight and you have learnt a little more of the importance and relevance of believing in crystals for health and wellbeing.

Happy Full Moon everyone. xoxo

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