Sensual Boudoir

Sensual Boudoir

Miss K was so much fun to photograph, she had told me during our calls that she loved to sing and had bought a hairbrush with a picture of a microphone on it to make it more authentic when singing in the mirror! he he perfect! So I asked her to bring it with her for a bit of fun. When Miss K arrived she sat down with her glass of Bubbly where she was introduced to Alyssa, my lovely Hair and Makeup Artist who enhanced her beautiful features and made her feel amazing. Miss K’s photos really show how happy she is in her own skin, and we celebrated how well her career is doing and that she was happy with where she was right now, which seemed the perfect time to do the Boudoir session. The most important thing was that Miss K said she felt really beautiful and after seeing the photos was blown away with the way she looked and how it made her feel. Thanks Miss K for trusting me to give you a wonderful experience. xoxo

Miss K had these lovely words to say:

“Who is that sexy woman!!? They look so amazing Jodie!! Thank you so much for that amazing day, you made me feel so safe and comfortable with who I am right now, and what is beautiful about me. I never thought I would be able to look at myself and say that, but you did such a great job! xx”


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